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Kundavai (or Kundava) was an historic name for a number of women of royal lineage connected with the Chola dynasty in southern India around the 10th century.

Some sources seem to refer to her definitively as the elder sister of Rajaraja Chola I, an historic king of the Chola dynasty of southern India who lived around the 10th century. Others state that her identity is in question:[1]

  • "the name of the daughter of Rajaraja of the Suryavamsa, the younger sister of Rajaraja-Chola, and the queen of the Eastern Chalukya king Vimaladitya."[1]
  • "The Tanjore inscriptions mention another, still earlier Kundavai, who was the daughter of the Chola king Parantaka II., the elder sister of the Chola king Rajaraja-deva, and the queen of the Pallava king Vanyadeva."[1]

Regardless of her precise identity, one of the figures at this time using this name is thought to have established two Jain temples, namely:

However, only the Tirumalai site has survived.[2]


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