Kundur Island

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Native name: Pulau Kundur
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Location South East Asia
Coordinates 0°45′38″N 103°25′11″E / 0.76056°N 103.41972°E / 0.76056; 103.41972Coordinates: 0°45′38″N 103°25′11″E / 0.76056°N 103.41972°E / 0.76056; 103.41972
Archipelago Greater Sunda Islands
Province Riau Islands Province

Kundur Island is an island within the Riau Archipelago, part of the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia. It lies at about 80 km southwest of Singapore, 76 km southwest of Batam, 32 km south of Great Karimun, 172 km northwest of Lingga Islands and 120 km west of Tanjung Pinang. It has an area of about 304 km², not including district Buru. According to the 2010 Census population, the population of Kundur Island is 67090. As Kundur does not have an airport, all visitors arrive by ferry.

Most connections are with neighbouring islands, e.g. Tanjung Balai on Karimun, and Mainland Sumatra. Direct ferry services to Singapore have been terminated because of the loss of profits, so you'll need to detour via Batam or Bintan.

Different Areas[edit]

Cities Towns Villages and Kampungs Other Areas
Tanjung Batu Urung Sungai Ungar Sanglang
Selat Belia Sawang Teluk Dalam
Gemuruh Kampungtengah Telukradangdarat
Telukkecil Kampungdalam Perayun
Batukucing Kampungbaru Takim

Main Areas[edit]

Tanjung Batu[edit]

The biggest town on Kundur Island, marked as the district city (kota kecematan) of the island. It is on the southern tip of the island, and the hub for most ferry businesses.

It is the town with most number of businesses and trading companies. It is also a popular starting/finishing point for cycling trips as well.

It's commercial street is Jalan Merdeka, just a stone's throw away from the port, but most of the shops are lined on the side of Jalan Kartini and Jalan Jendral Sudirman. Jalan Usman Harun is a temple street where it locates the Vihara Dharma Shanti which is a Buddhist temple. North to the end of Jalan J. Sudirman is a housing area called Batu Dua. Vehicles used in this towns include angkuts and ojeks.


A town on the sub-district of North Kundur (Kundur Utara). It is just a bit smaller than Tanjung Batu, and also another popular starting/finishing point for cycling trips.

Selat Belia[edit]

A town on the northern tip of Kundur Island. It means "straits of youth" in Bahasa Indonesia

Sungai Ungar[edit]

A village on the south-east zone of Kundur Island.


A town located in the sub-district of West Kundur. It is the town where the biggest hotel in Kundur Island, Hotel Taman Gembira, stands on.