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Location of Kundziņsala in Riga

Kundziņsala is an area and island on the river Daugava in Riga, Latvia. The name Kundziņsala means "The nobleman's island" in Latvian.

Kundziņsala is the biggest island in Riga. Mainly it is an industrial region, used for maritime trade. However it has some permanent residences.

On the island small lakes exist, in which local residents bathe.

The sole public transportation route to the island is the Rigas Satiksme #33 bus, which does not exist anymore. Now it is replaced with #3 trolley. The sole bridge to Kundziņsala connects it with the Sarkandaugava neighborhood.

Coordinates: 57°10′N 24°06′E / 57.167°N 24.100°E / 57.167; 24.100