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Kung was an important village of the Haida people, located on the west side of Alexandra Narrows on Graham Island,[1] the largest and northernmost of the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia, Canada, which are also known as Haida Gwaii ("Islands of the Haida"). Alexandra Narrows, known on some old maps as Mazzaredo Sound, connects Naden Harbour and Virago Sound.

Indian Reserve[edit]

Kung Indian Reserve No. 11, or Kung 11 in official registries, is located at the site of Kung.[2] The Kung Indian Reserve is under the administration of Old Massett Village Council and is 28.7 ha in size.[3]

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Coordinates: 54°03′00″N 132°34′00″W / 54.05000°N 132.56667°W / 54.05000; -132.56667