Kungens Kurva

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The incident that named the area, King Gustav V´s Cadillac in a ditch.

Kungens Kurva (literally, "The King's Bend" or "The King's Curve") is a part of Huddinge Municipality in Metropolitan Stockholm, Sweden, 20 km south of the city. Kungens Kurva area consists mainly of large buildings with stores; for instance, supermarkets, electronics/hardware retailers and the world's second largest IKEA store. The area got its name September 28, 1946 when King Gustav V's chauffeur-driven 2090 Cadillac skidded off the road and ended up in a ditch. (The king was uninjured.) The name later became official. Kungens Kurva is close to Skärholmen, with subway to Stockholm.


The following sports clubs are located in Kungens Kurva:


Coordinates: 59°16′05″N 17°54′40″E / 59.268°N 17.911°E / 59.268; 17.911