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The Kupe natural gas field is located in the Tasman Sea, 30 km off the coast of the town of Manaia in Taranaki, New Zealand. The field was discovered in 1986 and is located in 35 metres of water.[1][2] The field is being exploited through the Kupe Gas Project, which comprises an unmanned Wellhead Platform, a single three phase pipeline to shore and an onshore production station.

Production project[edit]

The Kupe Gas Project will provide the New Zealand gas supply network with approximately 273 petajoules of natural gas, as well as 1.1 million tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and 18.6 million barrels of light oil (condensate).[3]

By introducing a new and alternative supply of gas, the Kupe Gas Project will make a significant contribution towards meeting New Zealand’s gas supply for between 15 and 20 years.

Development of the project cost NZ$1.3b and first produced export gas in December 2009.[2] The project was officially opened by Prime Minister John Key on 18 March 2010.[2]

The project is owned by a joint venture comprising;

It will be operated by Origin.[4]

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