Kura Te Waru Rewiri

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Kura Te Waru Rewiri (born 1950) is a Maori painter. She has exhibited extensively in New Zealand and internationally since 1985. She experiments with techniques such as colour and layering to convey thoughts on the current trends of the Maori culture, both politically and socially.


Kura uses symbols and techniques from traditional Maori art and custom in her works, such as Kowhaiwhai patterns, weaving imagery, and Tā moko (tattoo) patterns. In many of her works, her brushstrokes emulate the motions found in carving and weaving.

A recurring image seen in Kura's works is the cross, which carries many different meanings depending on its context and treatment.

Kura's use of traditional Maori art combined with the techniques of contemporary art results in a contrast between new and old that has made her work distinctive and celebrated within New Zealand.

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