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Platforms and tracks on Asakusa Line
Island platform on Ōedo Line

Kuramae Station (蔵前駅 Kuramae-eki?) is a subway station on the Toei Asakusa Line and on the Toei Ōedo Line, both operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation. It is located in the Kuramae and Kotobuki neighborhoods of Taitō, Tokyo, Japan. Its number on the Asakusa Line is A-17, and that on the Ōedo Line is E-11. The stations on the two lines do not have an underground connection; still, passengers may transfer between them.

On the Asakusa Line, Kuramae has two platforms with the two tracks between them. Track 1 is for passengers bound for Nihombashi and Nishi-Magome Stations. Track 2 is for those traveling in the opposite direction toward the terminal of the Asakusa subway line at Oshiage Station. On the Ōedo Line, an island platform stands between the two tracks. Track 1 serves passengers bound for Iidabashi and Tochōmae Stations, while Track 2 carries trains toward Ryōgoku and Daimon Stations.

The station serves the Kuramae and Kotobuki neighborhoods. Nearby are the Kuramae Water Treatment Center (on the site of the old Kuramae sumo stadium, which the station served until the stadium closed), the Sumida River, Route 6, offices of the Waterworks and Bureau of Sewerage, the Torigoe Shrine.

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Toei Asakusa Line (A-17)
Airport Ltd. Exp.: no stop
Asakusabashi (A-16) Rapid Ltd. Exp.
Ltd. Exp.
Commuter Express
Asakusa (A-18)
Toei Ōedo Line (E-11)
Shin-Okachimachi (E-10) - Ryōgoku (E-12)


Kuramae opened on December 4, 1960, as a station on Toei Line 1 (the present Asakusa Line). On December 12, 2000, (the year Heisei 12) the Ōedo Line (Line 12) commenced operation.


This article incorporates material from the article 蔵前駅 (Kuramae-eki) in the Japanese Wikipedia, retrieved on December 16, 2007

Coordinates: 35°42′11″N 139°47′28″E / 35.7030°N 139.7911°E / 35.7030; 139.7911