Kurdistan Communist Party – Iraq

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Kurdistan Communist Party – Iraq
حزبي شيوعى كوردستان / عيراق
Leader Kamal Shakir
Founded 1993
Split from Iraqi Communist Party
Headquarters Arbil, Iraq
Ideology Communism
Kurdish Nationalism
Political position Left-wing
National affiliation Kurdistan List
Colors Red
Seats in the Council of Representatives of Iraq:
0 / 328
Seats in the local governorate councils:
0 / 440
0 / 18
Politics of Iraq
Political parties

The Kurdistan Communist Party/Iraq (Kurdish: حزبي شيوعى كوردستان / عيراق‎, Arabic: الحزب الشيوعي الكوردستاني / العراق‎) is a Kurdish political party, formed in 1993 when the Iraqi Communist Party branch in the Kurdish areas was formed into a separate party. The party is led by Kamal Shakir.

In both the January and December 2005 Iraqi legislative elections the party was part of the Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan. The party has a women's wing, the Kurdistan Women's League, the leader of which Nahla Hussain al-Shaly was murdered in Kirkuk in 2008.[1]


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