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Kurt Winter (April 2, 1946 - December 14, 1997) was a Canadian guitarist and songwriter, best known as a member of The Guess Who.

After starting his career with Winnipeg bands The Fifth, Gettysbyrg Address, and Brother, Winter joined The Guess Who in May 1970, along with co-guitarist Greg Leskiw, replacing Randy Bachman. Winter wrote the hit singles "Bus Rider" and "Hand Me Down World" and co-wrote several songs with group leader Burton Cummings, including the hits "Hang on to Your Life", "Rain Dance", and "Runnin' Back to Saskatoon" and also co-wrote "Clap for the Wolfman" with Cummings and Bill Wallace. He left The Guess Who in June 1974 and was replaced by ex-James Gang member Domenic Troiano.

After leaving The Guess Who, Winter ran businesses - including a mattress and bedding store - located in Toronto. Winter later regrouped with an incarnation of the band under the leadership of bassist Jim Kale from 1977-1978. Suffering health problems, Winter died of kidney failure aged 51 on December 14, 1997.[1] Winter's Guess Who band mate Burton Cummings memorialized him with "Kurt's Song" on his 2008 album, Above the Ground.

Winter's Guess Who discography[edit]


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