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For the kata named for Kusanku, see Kusanku (kata).
Born 1670?
China China
Died 1762
Other names Kūshankū
Kwang Shang Fu
Style Ch'uan Fa
Notable students Chatan Yara,[1][2] Kanga Sakukawa

Kūsankū (クーサンクー、公相君) or Kūshankū (クーシャンクー), also known as Kwang Shang Fu, was a Chinese martial artist who lived during the 18th century.[3] He is credited as having an influence on virtually all karate-derived martial arts.[4]

Kūsankū learned the art of Ch'uan Fa in China from a Shaolin monk. He was thought to have resided (and possibly studied martial arts) in the Fukien province for much of his life.[5] Around 1756, Kūsankū was sent to Okinawa as an ambassador of the Qing Dynasty.[6] He resided in the village of Kanemura, near Naha City. During his stay in Okinawa, Kūsankū instructed Kanga Sakukawa.[4]

Sakugawa trained under Kūsankū for six years.[7] After Kūsankū's death (around 1762), Sakugawa developed and named the Kusanku kata in honor of his teacher.


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