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Not to be confused with Kusatsu (train), operated by JR East.

The Kusatsu Line (草津線 Kusatsu-sen?) is a railway line in western Japan operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). It connects Tsuge on the Kansai Main Line with Kusatsu on the Biwako Line (Tōkaidō Main Line).

A new station, "Minami-Biwako", began construction in May 2006 and was planned to open in 2012; the station was planned to allow passengers to transfer between the Tōkaidō Shinkansen and Kusatsu lines; however, in September 2006, the Otsu district court concluded the bond Ritto city had issued to fund construction was illegal under local finance law and the project was halted; the project was officially stopped in October 2007.


Station km from
Connections Location
Tsuge 柘植 0.0 JR West: Kansai Main Line Iga, Mie Prefecture
Aburahi 油日 5.3   Koka Shiga Prefecture
Kōka 甲賀 7.4  
Terashō 寺庄 10.5  
Kōnan 甲南 12.5  
Kibukawa 貴生川 15.3 Shigaraki Kōgen Railway: Shigaraki Line
Ohmi Railway: Main Line
Mikumo 三雲 20.5   Konan
Kōsei 甲西 24.3  
Ishibe 石部 27.6  
Tehara 手原 32.7   Ritto
Kusatsu 草津 36.7 JR West: Tokaido Main Line (Biwako Line) Kusatsu
Continuing service on the Biwako Line to Kyoto in mornings and evenings