Kusmasana Devi

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Kusumasana Devi
Successor Vimaladharmasuriya I
Consort Yamasinghe Bandara
Full name
Kusmasana Devi
House Kotte Royal Blood line
Father Karaliyadde Bandara

Kusumasana Devi was a princess of Kandy in the sixteenth century, who was born to King Karaliyadde Bandara. She, Under the act of her father, was to Portuguese and they trained her and brought her back to kandy to wage war with Vimaladharmasuriya I.

She later became the queen consort to the kings Vimaladharmasuriya I and Senarat of Kandy

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Kusmasana Devi
Born: 15?? ? Died: 15?? ?
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Rajasinha I
King of Kandy
Succeeded by
Vimaladharmasuriya I