Kutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant

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The Kutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant (KAMP) (Georgian: ქუთაისის ავტომექანიკური ქარხანა, k'ut'aisis avtomek'anikuri k'arkhana), formerly Kutaisi Automotive Plant — KAZ (ქუთაისის საავტომობილო ქარხანა, k'ut'aisis saavtomobilo k'arkhana; named in the Soviet Union in honour of Sergo Ordzhonikidze), is a truck factory located in Kutaisi, Georgia. Construction began in 1945, with the first conveyor coming online with the first truck ZIS-150 (KAZ-150) coming off on August 18, 1951.

In 2006 the major part of the company synced with the Georgian Industrial Group and was named the Kutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant (KAMP).[1] Today the factory produces a wide range of automotive industry parts.[2]