Kuttikattu Sree Bhadra Kali Devi Temple

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Devi saranam

Kuttikattu Sree Bhadra Kali Devi Temple is one of the Bhadrakali temples in Cherthala, Alappuzha district, Kerala. The temple is located about 1 kilometer to the west of the Arthungal bypass of NH 47 at Cherthala.

Rituals at the temple[edit]

Kunguma Khalasam is conducted on the first Sunday of every month, as per Malayalam calendar. This special Vazipadu (offering) is for people who wish to have children, wealth and prosperity, improve their health or other desires. Rahukala Naranga Vilakku (putting oil in half potion of lemon and lighting it ) is another major offering for settling marriage. It has been conducting on every Friday.

Prasadam Oottu (Temple feast). Providing food for temple attendees on special days is regarded as quite benevolent. Prasadam Oottu is available on Prathishta (Consecration) days, Day of Kunguma Kalasam, Bhagavatha Sapthaham days and 10 day annual ceremony. These are sponsored by the Devaswom. Devotees too can contribute through remittance at the temple counter. Now there is a Prasadam )ottu on all Fridays.

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Serpent-worship The temple is a centre of pilgrimage for devotees of serpent gods (Naga devatha). The Sarpam Pattu (song of Nagas) is most pleasing of all poojas to the serpents. This holy ceremony has been conducted once every year, during the annual ceremony. Sarppam Pattu requires huge spending and manpower for many months. Separate poojas are offered to the nine Nagas namely, Nagaraja, Sarppa Yakshi, Naga Yakshi, Naga Chamundi, Angu Thala Mani Nagam, Kuzhi Nagam, Kari Nagam, Mani Nagam and Para Nagam during these days (different manifestations of Naga devathas).

Sarpam Pattu (Serpent song)

Pulluvanpattu On the eastern side of the temple, songs are recited to please the serpents. The Pulluvan song is accompanied by the sounds from the little Veenas and the music of the Pulluva women playing on Kudam are a familiar sight at Kutti kkattu Devi Temple. Pulluva is a community of the Hindu religion, and they follow this musical form as their vocation. It is believed that the songs, recited by the Pulluva praising the Nagaraja and his consorts, the sound of the musical instrument Pulluva Veena (an instrument of the violin family), and Kudam (an earthen pot connected with strings), have the divine power to appease and attract divine serpents and earn their blessings. Now people with expertise in handling these musical instruments are rare even among the Pulluva community.

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