Kuwait Football Association

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Kuwait Football Association
الاتحاد الكويتي لكرة القدم

Kuwait FA.png
Sport Football
Beach football
Jurisdiction Kuwait
Founded 1952 (1952)
Affiliation FIFA (1964)
AFC (1962)
UAFA (1976)
WAFF (2010)
Headquarters Adiliya
Official website

The Kuwait Football Association (Arabic: الإتحاد الكويتي لكرة القدم‎) is the governing body of football in Kuwait.

Kuwait have twice been suspended by FIFA for political interference since 2007 and are only being allowed to participate in the 2011 Asian Cup qualifying campaign and other international competitions on a provisional basis.[1]

FIFA Suspension[edit]

Contrary to the road map established by FIFA and the AFC, the Kuwaiti Public Authority for Youth and Sport has continued to interfere. Elections were held on 9 October in direct violation of the FIFA Executive Committee's May 2007 decision to the contrary. As a consequence, the committee recommended to the FIFA Executive Committee that the Kuwait Football Association be suspended.[2] Kuwait's soccer federation board resigned days after world governing body FIFA suspended the Gulf Arab state.[3] The suspension was lifted after the federation said it will ratify new statutes to prevent government interference in the sport as demanded by FIFA. "Otherwise FIFA will immediately suspend the (federation) again," FIFA said in a statement.[4] The suspension is conditionally lifted and extended by the FIFA Congress in June 2009.[5] FIFA is closely monitoring the situation within Kuwait.[6]


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