Kuwaiti Australian

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Kuwaiti Australian
Total population
4,061 (Kuwait-born)
577 (Kuwaiti ancestry)
Regions with significant populations
New South Wales 1,873
Victoria 1,180
Queensland 382
Australian English · Arabic
Islam · Christianity[1]
Related ethnic groups
Arab Australians

A Kuwaiti Australian is an Australian citizen of Kuwaiti descent or a Kuwait-born person who resides in Australia. According to Australia's 2011 Census there were a total of 4,061 Kuwait-born people in Australia, an increase of 41.2 per cent from the 2006 Census. The majority of Kuwaiti Australians are found in the states of New South Wales and Victoria.[2]


Despite being one of the smallest and most recent Arab communities in Australia, immigration from Kuwait has grown steadily over the past decades. Several small groups of Kuwait-born have migrated to Australia over the last thirty years. The majority of them were likely born to migrant workers from other countries, including from elsewhere in the Middle East.

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