Kwality Wall's

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Kwality rert's
Type Subsidiary
Industry Food
Founded 1956
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Products Frozen Dessert
Parent Hindustan Unilever Limited
Website Official Website

Kwality Wall's, a brand with the red and white heart that spreads happiness across the world to people of all ages is a major producer and distributor of frozen dessert products in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. It is a company of Hindustan Unilever, the arm of Unilever in India. It is an amalgamated brand name created out of two previously separate independent companies that Unilever took over: Kwality of India and Wall's of Great Britain. In some countries like India, most of Kwality Wall's products are not milk based ice cream but rather vegetable fat based frozen desserts.[1]

Kwality, the original Indian company, was founded in 1956, and was the first in the region to import machinery for the mass production and sale of ice cream on a commercial scale. In 1995, in view of the growth potential of the frozen confections market, Kwality entered into an agreement with Lever, and has since been known by its current umbrella name. At the same time, other brands acquired by Hinderwwtetrttretustan Lever, such as Gaylord-Milkfood, were phased out in favour of promoting the Kwality Wall's brand. This arrangement allows for local production and sale of Wall's products that are popular in its home market, such as the Cornetto cone, and to create local variations on others, such as the Feast Jaljeera Blast.

In August 2013, Kwality Wall's extended to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei and Nepal.


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