Gwangju Health University

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Gwangju Health University
GHU mark English.jpg
Veritas Pax Libertas: Gwangju Health University
Motto 믿음으로 승리하는 대학
Motto in English Triumphing through Faith; High Five in GHU
Established 1972
Type Private
President Kim, YangHyuk, Ph.D.
Location Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, South Jeolla, South Korea
World Class College (since 2013)
Gwangju Health University
Hangul 광주보건대학교
Revised Romanization GwangJu BoGeon DaeHakGyo
McCune–Reischauer Kwangju Pogŏn Taehakkyo

Gwangju Health University (GHU) is a bachelor's degree-granting community college located in Gwangju Metropolitan City, South Korea. The education programs at GHU focus on humanities and social sciences and healthcare sciences. Various 2-year associate degree programs, 3-year associate degree programs, 4-year bachelor's degree program, and intensive study programs for a bachelor's degree (전공심화과정) are offered at GHU. GHU was awarded World Class College (WCC / ko:세계적 수준의 전문대학) status by the Korean Ministry of Education in 2013.


Two-Year Associate Degree Program in Humanities and Social Sciences[edit]

Two-Year Associate Degree Programs in Healthcare Sciences[edit]

Three-Year Associate Degree Program in Humanities and Social Sciences[edit]

Three-Year Associate Degree Programs in Healthcare Sciences[edit]

Four-Year Bachelor's Degree Program in Healthcare Sciences[edit]

Intensive Study Programs for Bachelor's Degree (전공심화과정)[edit]

Residence Hall[edit]

Samuel Provides room and board to approximately 600 students at GHU

GHU has a multifunctional residence hall, Samuel Student Residence Hall, which can provide housing for 600 student.

Global Efforts[edit]

Depiction of overseas opportunities for GHU students provided by OGA.

GHU operates the Office of Global Affairs (OGA), which promotes overseas opportunities for collaborative research, culture and foreign language experience, social welfare projects, foreign national student exchange, job training and employment.

Healthcare Center[edit]

Open for students, faculty and staff members of GHU.

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