Kwantlen First Nation

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Kwantlen First Nation
Ethnic groups Stó:lō
Government Band
 -  Chief Marilyn Gabriel
 -  estimate 204

The Kwantlen First Nation is the band government of the Kwantlen subgroup of the Stó:lō people in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada, located primarily at Fort Langley.[1] They traditionally speak the Downriver dialect of Halkomelem,[2] one of the Salishan family of languages. They are a member of the Sto:lo Tribal Council, one of two Sto:lo tribal councils.


The Kwantlen once resided primarily in villages near present-day New Westminster, although they frequented many locations along the Lower Fraser as far upstream as a village at Hatzic. In particular, the Stave River valley was important for hunting, trapping, and fishing.[3] They moved their main settlement upriver when Fort Langley was established in the 19th century, to control and maintain a trading advantage with the HBC in Fort Langley.

Indian Reserves[edit]

The band administers six Indian Reserves:[4]

The band also shares the Peckquaylis Indian Reserve with 20 other bands. It is the former St. Mary's Indian Residential School just east of Mission and is now a cultural, government, and aboriginal business centre.

Modern Day[edit]

The Kwantlen First Nation is a progressive community and operates 4 companies under the Seyem' Qwantlen Business Group or SQBG. The Seyem Qwantlen Business Group companies are quite diverse and can be viewed on their company website


The band's population is 204.[5][6]

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