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Kwikpoint is an Alexandria, Virginia based company that develops visual language translation tools that enable users to communicate critical information to anyone, anywhere in the world – for the military and public service communities, as well as for corporate and leisure travelers.[1]


Kwikpoint was founded in the early 1990s by Alan Stillman, following a 15,000-mile, 28-country bike trip. While on his trip, Stillman cut out pictures from magazines to help communicate his dinner selection. On his return, he worked with a team of six designers, linguists and members of the diplomatic community to create a series of universally recognizable icons that make up the Kwikpoint visual translators.[2]

The resulting product, the Kwikpoint visual translators, are available in a variety of formats and sizes and include a visual vocabulary of 1,000 visually recognizable symbols for use by travelers worldwide. Kwikpoint visual translators are also widely used by the U.S. military branches include the National Guard, U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq and Afghanistan.[3] In addition, Kwikpoint Medical Translators are used by emergency medical personnel in the United States to help communicate with patients who do not speak English.[4]


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