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Coordinates: 32°14′06″S 115°50′34″E / 32.234961°S 115.842662°E / -32.234961; 115.842662

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Transperth TrainsList of Perth railway stations
Transperth Kwinana Station entrance.jpg
Mandurah Line
Street Johnson Road, Thomas Road, Sulphur Road, Sicklemore Road
Suburb Bertram, Orelia, Parmelia, The Spectacles
Distance from Perth 32.9 km (20.4 mi)
General information
Station code RKA
Fare zone 4
Station design
Number of platforms 2
Platform architecture 2 side
Station structure Open Station
Access by Bus Transfer, Entrance
Train transfer No
Bus transfer Yes
Total number of bus stands 5
Total number of bus routes 4
Transit guard booth Yes
Park 'n' Ride Yes
Lock 'n' Ride No, but Pay 'n' Display
Lifts 2
Escalators 2
Add Value Machines No
Public telephones Yes
Public toilets Yes
The in-station decoration at Kwinana Station.

Kwinana Station is a railway station located on the suburban boundary of Bertram and Parmelia, Western Australia. Situated near Thomas Road and Sicklemore Road, it services a rapidly developing suburban area. It is served by the interburban Mandurah line, with services to both the Perth CBD and the neighbouring city of Mandurah.


Kwinana is on the Mandurah Line of the Transperth Trains network, a hybrid metro-commuter rail system with five lines in metropolitan Perth. As such, it receives trains northbound to central Perth and southbound to the suburbs of Mandurah and Rockingham. Three stopping patterns serve Kwinana station: all stations, C, and K (only towards Perth).[1]

In the inbound direction, all stations and K-pattern take about 31 minutes, averaging 63.1 km/h (39.2 mph), to arrive at Perth.[1] C-pattern trains stop at all stations except Canning Bridge heading to Perth, taking 26 minutes at an average of 75.9 km/h (47.2 mph).[1]

In the outbound direction, an all stations train takes about 25 minutes, averaging 89.3 km/h (55.5 mph), to arrive at Mandurah.[1] C-pattern trains operate locally to Mandurah apart from skipping Canning Bridge; this has no effect for passengers departing Kwinana for any southbound stations. K-pattern trains do not stop at Kwinana on their way to Rockingham.[1]

Station layout[edit]

Kwinana utilises a simple side platform layout with two tracks. Platform 1 is used by trains bound for Perth underground station (these trains generally continue onto the Joondalup Line) whilst platform 2 is used by trains heading south towards Mandurah. Access to the station is provided from the busway platforms adjacent to the western side of the station and a parking lot next to it with a concourse containing faregates above the tracks. A pair of escalators and lifts past these gates heads down to the platform level.[2]

Stop no. Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
[2821] Kwinana station platforms
99681 Transperth platform 1W.svg Mandurah All stations, C, K Perth underground
99682 Transperth platform 2W.svg Mandurah All stations Mandurah

Bus routes[edit]

The interchange contains a bus station providing the following services:

Route Number Destination / Description
[23798] Stand 1
    540 to Kwinana Hub bus station via Orelia
    909 Rail Replacement Service to Perth
[23799] Stand 2
    541 to Wellard station via Sulphur Road
[23800] Stand 3
    542 to Wellard station via Chisham Avenue
[23801] Stand 4
    543 to Kwinana Hub bus station via Parmelia
    School Specials
[23802] Stand 5 - Set down only
    909 Rail Replacement Service to Mandurah


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