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Chinese name
Chinese: Kwoon
Traditional Chinese:
Simplified Chinese:

A kwoon (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: guǎn; Jyutping: gun2) is a training hall for Chinese martial arts.

According to A Chinese-English Dictionary (Revised Edition) 1978, from Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (PRC), the word guǎn can also mean

1) Accommodation for guests;
2) Embassy, legation or consulate;
3) (Of service trades) shop;
4) A place for cultural activities;
5) (Archaic) An old-style private school

In Cantonese, the term kwoon is used when referring to:

  • Police Stations - Chaai Kwoon (差館)
  • Mahjong Houses - Ma Jeuk Kwoon (麻雀館)
  • Kung Fu Studios - Gung Fu Kwoon (功夫館)
  • Guild Halls - Wui Kwoon (會館)

Kwoon is also a post-rock band from France.[1]

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