Kya Mast Hai Life

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Kya Mast Hai Life
क्या मस्त है लाइफ
Season 1 English title card
Created by Buena Vista International
Directed by
Starring See below
Opening theme "Kya Mast Mast Hai Life" by Sangeeth Haldipur and Vasudha Varma
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
English (dubbed)
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 126
Running time appromately 25 minutes
Original channel Disney Channel India
Original run April 27, 2009 – July 4, 2010
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Kya Mast Hai Life (क्या मस्त है लाइफ) was a 2009–2010 Buena Vista International television series produced for Disney Channel India.[1] It was released on April 27, 2009 after a special behind-the-scenes preview on April 25 and 26. The first season, which ended on November 5, 2009, focused on the lives of five teen friends: Ragini, Zeeshan ('Zee'), Zenia, Ritu and Vir.[2] The second season started on April 17, 2010 and ended on July 4, 2010.[3] It airs on Kohinoor TV in Pakistan.[4] The show is the highest rated comedy television mini series of India. It proved a major career break for all stars of the show.


Antoine Villeneuve, senior vice-president and managing director, Walt Disney Television International India, said, "Teens today are wise and wired. Kya Mast Hai Life follows Disney Channel's philosophy of reflecting them, their families, their universe in an entertaining, safe and family inclusive environment." The channel commissioned production house SOL to produce the show.[5]

Fazila Allana, managing director of SOL, said, "We are excited about producing our first fiction show with a leading teen and family television brand like Disney Channel. SOL is well known for its expertise in non-fiction programming and television events. We look forward to establishing similar success with Kya Mast Hai Life in the fiction genre."[5]


Season 1[edit]

Ragini "Rags" Juneja is a teenager and the daughter of the Bollywood megastar Sushmita Juneja. At her new college, Redfield Academy, she meets Zenia Khan, Zeeshan Khan aka Zee (Zenia's twin brother), Vir Mehra, and Ritu Shah: a gang of inseparable childhood friends. She doesn't want anyone to know that she is the daughter of a famous actress and wants to make friends on her own, not for who her parents are. She lies to them and says that her mom is a kindergarten teacher and that she is not a good singer, despite she being excellent at singing. Her friends eventually find out her secrets and, while initially angry, they eventually forgive her.

Rags, with her secret only known among her friends, becomes close to her gang of friends. During singing rehearsal, Vir and Rags falls in love with each other, leaving Ritu brokenhearted. But Ritu eventually grows close to her friend Aryan. Meanwhile, Zenia finally accepts Jango's love. By the end of the season, Kimi also falls in love with Zee. In the last episode, Rags' secret is revealed to everyone.

Season 2[edit]

The events of the second season take place during summer vacation. Zee works at a bookstore in which Mr. Mandal is temporarily in charge. Ritu is shown to be in Ahmadabad. Zee and Zeenia's mother is introduced. The season starts off with Zee discovering a magic potion which makes the last thoughts of the characters come true. When Ritu returns, Rags, Zee, Zenia, and Vir have a wonderful adventure with the magic potion. When they visit Ragini in Thailand the magic potion turns out to be a ghost who wants to take revenge on the gang because of a mistake Zee made. Zee eventually defeats him, and they celebrate Ragini's birthday happily. They all breathe a sigh of relief thinking that the magic potion which had caused them so much trouble was gone, but it is actually back in Zee's bag. The series ends with a triumphant episode and it says that the five will be best friends forever.


Seasons 1 and 2[edit]

  • Shaheer Sheikh as Vir Mehra. Vir is the dashing, handsome one in the gang. Almost every girl in the college is in love with him for his good looks and amazing singing skills. He is usually seen with his guitar. Vir wanted to become a singer, but his father pursued him to become a doctor like him. By the end of the season, he managed to convince his father. Eventually, he fell in love with Ragini.
  • Nazneen Ghaani as Ragini "Rags" Juneja. Ragini is the only daughter of the Bollywood megastar Sushmita Juneja. But she doesn't want to be known for her mother and lied to her friends that she is just an ordinary girl. She is also very good at singing, another secret that was kept hidden from her friends. But Vir eventually found out about her singing abilities. By the end of the first season, she fell in love with Vir.
  • Sana Sheikh as Ritu "Ritz" Shah. Ritu is the innocent, cry-baby in the gang. She is from Maharashtra and is usually seen in traditional dresses. In the first season, she was very childish and would easily cry, for which she was nicknames BBB (Bin Badal Barsat) by Zenia. But she eventually grew mature as the series progressed. She used to have a crush on Vir, but after realizing that Vir and Ragini loved each other, she started dating her friend Aryan.
  • Ashish Juneja as Zeeshan "Zee" Khan. Zee is the happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, cool-dude in the gang. Zee is the twin-brother of Zenia, whom he usually fights with. Despite that, he loves his sister and friends very much. He is the comic-relief character of the series. He is usually seen being bullied by Jango, who he manages to keep calm by mentioning his Zenia.
  • Shweta Tripathi as Zenia Khan. Zenia is the tomboyish twin-sister of Zee, but is younger than him by 40 minutes. She usually fights with her brother, but she loves him and her friends very much. By the end of the first season, she finally accepted Jango's love.
  • Manini Mishra as Sushmita Juneja. Sushnita is a Bollywood megastar and the mother of Ragini. She is a loving mother and fulfills all of her daughter's wishes. She made cameos throughout the first season and finally met her daughter's friends by the end of the first season.
  • Vishakha Dugarh as Kimmy Titli. Kimmy is the leader of the Titlis gang. She is a spoiled rich girl who was in love with Vir. When Rags joined Vir's gang, at first she used to look down upon her thinking that she comes from an ordinary family. In the final episode of the first season, she revealed to Zee that she had fallen in love with him for his comic behavior.
  • Anamika Bhalla as Dia Titli. She used to be one of the sidekicks of Kimmy with Tia until they were replaced by Ria and Lia.
  • Reena Agarwaal as Tia Titli. She used to be one of the sidekicks of Kimmy with Dia until they were replaced by Ria and Lia.
  • Sumana Das as Ria Titli. She became the sidekick of Kimmy with Lia after replacing Dia and Tia.
  • Romi Gupta as Lia Titli. She became the sidekick of Kimmy with Lia after replacing Dia and Tia.
  • Sonali Mahimtura Sachdev as Ms. Sandra D'Souza
  • Bhuvanesh Shetty as Mr. Priyanshu Mandal
  • Manmauji as Ramu Kaka
  • Sadhana Sharma as '"Paanchi Mehra Vir's Sister'"

Season 1 only[edit]

  • Prabal Panjabi as Jango. Jango is a bully who is usually seen bullying Zee. He loves Zee's sister Zenia, a matter by which Zee escapes from his wrath. By the end of the first season, he manages to make Zenia love him back. His catchphrase is "Shut Up!".
  • Rajesh Jais as Mr. Babyshwar
  • Rohit Purohit as Aryan
  • Iqbal Khan as Disco, the canteen manager
  • Devansh Doshi as Paresh Bhai
  • Hiten Tejwani as Mr. Singhania
  • Mihir Mishra as Mr. Mehra

Season 2 only[edit]


The entire soundtrack was sung by the members of the Aasma Band

Awards and titles[edit]

Indian Telly Awards 2009[edit]



Kya Mast Hai Life: The Best of Season 1 was released in April 2010. It consists of 15 handpicked episodes from season 1, a special blooper reel, and free posters.[citation needed]


KMHL fanzines were released in April 2010. There are three fanzines that include interviews with the main cast.[citation needed]

Season Episodes First airdate Last airdate
Season 1 100 April 27, 2009 November 5, 2009
Season 2 26 April 17, 2010 July 4, 2010

Ratings (TRPs)[edit]

Kya Mast Hai Life Season 2 received a good response, but not as that of season 1. But even if the show's second season received poor ratings, shows like Ishaan and Best of Luck Nikki couldn't reach the overwhelming ratings of Kya Mast Hai Life. The first season's response was excellent. This was due to the actors' performance and the show's stories. Due to their popularity, the Disney India offered them many advertisements and soon the show became an award-winning.The show's rating is of about 2.5. It is the highest rated show on Disney India till date.and the second seasons highest was 1.3


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