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Ssekabaka Kyabaggu Kabinuli
Kabaka of Buganda
Reign 1750 - 1780
Predecessor Namuggala of Buganda
Successor Jjunju of Buganda
Spouse 1. Lady Gwolyoowa
2. Lady Kiriibwa
3. Lady Magota
4. Lady Misinga
5. Lady Mbigidde
6. Lady Nabiweke
7. Lady Nabugere
8. Lady Nagalaale
9. Naabakyaala Najjemba
10. Lady Nalubimbi
11. Lady Nalugooti
12. Lady Nalunga
13. Lady Nalwondooba
14. Lady Namayanja
15. Lady Nambooze
16. Lady Nankanja
17. Lady Nanteza
18. Lady Nfambe
19. Lady Nanzigu
20. Lady Nakalyoowa.
Father Prince Musanje Golooba
Mother Namasole Nabulya Naluggwa
Born Uganda
Died 1780
Burial Kyebando

Kyabaggu Kabinuli was Kabaka of the Kingdom of Buganda from 1750 until 1780. He was the twenty-fifth (25th) Kabaka of Buganda.

Claim to the throne[edit]

He was the third son of Prince Musanje Golooba. His mother was Nabulya Naluggwa of the Ndiga (Sheep) clan, the second (2nd) of his father's three (3) wives. He ascended to the throne upon the abdication of his elder brother Kabaka Namuggala Kagali in 1750. He established his capital at Lubya Hill.[1]

Married life[edit]

He is recorded to have married twenty (20) wives:

  1. Gwolyoowa, daughter Mwamba?, of the Lugave clan
  2. Kiriibwa, daughter of Sebugulu, of the Lugave clan
  3. Magota, daughter of Namukoka, of the Mamba clan
  4. Misinga, daughter of Natiigo, of the Lugave clan
  5. Mbigidde, daughter of Terwewalwa, of the Nvuma clan
  6. Nabiweke, daughter of Seggiriinya, of the Ngo clan
  7. Nabugere, daughter of Sekayiba, of the Ffumbe clan
  8. Nagalaale, daughter of Lule, of the Ngonge clan
  9. Naabakyaala Najjemba, the Omubikka, daughter of Lule, of the Ngonge clan
  10. Nalubimbi, daughter of Namwaama, of the Kkobe clan
  11. Nalugooti, daughter of Masembe, of the Nsenene clan
  12. Nalunga, daughter of Lugunju, of the Nvuma clan
  13. Nalwondooba, daughter of Nankere, of the Mamba clan
  14. Namayanja, daughter of Budde, of the Mamba clan. She killed her husband in a rage in 1750, prior to marrying the Kabaka.
  15. Nambooze, daughter of Namwaama, of the Kkobe clan
  16. Nankanja, daughter of Nakabalira, of the Nvuma clan
  17. Nanteza, daughter of Kakembo, of the Njovu clan
  18. Nfambe, daughter of Sekayiba, of the Ffumbe clan
  19. Nanzigu
  20. Nakalyoowa.


Kabaka Kyabaggu fathered many children. Among his children are the following:

  1. Prince (Omulangira) Sanya, whose mother was Misinga
  2. Prince (Omulangira) Mbajjwe, whose mother was Nabugere
  3. Prince (Omulangira) Saku, whose mother was Nalubimbi
  4. Prince (Omulangira) Wango, whose mother was Nalwondooba
  5. Prince (Omulangira) Kalema, whose mother was Nambooze. He contested the succession on the death of his father. Defeated by his brother, Jjunju, and fled to Bunyoro
  6. Prince (Omulangira) Kibuli
  7. Prince (Omulangira) Kigoye, whose mother was Nambooze
  8. Prince (Omulangira) Lubambula.
  9. Prince (Omulangira) Mukama. He rebelled against his half-brother, Kabaka Jjunju. He was killed by his half-brother, Prince Semakookiro, after 1780.
  10. Prince (Omulangira) Wakayima. Prince Wakayima was the father of Prince (Omulangira) Sewaya.
  11. Kabaka Junju Sendegeya, Kabaka of Buganda from 1780 to 1797, whose mother was Nanteza.
  12. Kabaka Semakookiro Wasajja Nabbunga, Kabaka of Buganda between 1797 and 1814, whose mother was Nanteza.
  13. Prince (Omulangira) Sekafuuwa, whose mother was Namayanja. He was killed in battle at Mulago, by his half-brother, Prince Wakayima, in 1780.
  14. Prince (Omulangira) Kiribatta, whose mother was Namayanja. He was killed in battle at Mulago, by his half-brother, Kabaka Jjunju, in 1780.
  15. Prince (Omulangira) Kikunta, whose mother was Namayanja. He was killed in battle at Mulago, by his half-brother, Kabaka Junju, in 1780.
  16. Princess (Omumbejja) Nsekere, whose mother was Gwolyoowa
  17. Princess (Omumbejja) Nalukwaakula, whose mother was Nagalaale
  18. Princess (Omumbejja) Nakayiza
  19. Princess (Omumbejja) Zansanze, whose mother was Nanteza

The final years[edit]

Kabaka Kyabaggu was killed by Kikoso, valet to Nakirindisa, at Namubiru, in 1780. He was initially buried at Mereera. In 1869, his remains were exhumed and re-buried at Kyebando.[2]

Succession table[edit]

Preceded by
Namuggala Kagali
King of Buganda
Succeeded by
Jjunju Sendegeya

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