Kyburg (castle)

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Coordinates: 47°27′31″N 8°44′37″E / 47.4585°N 8.7435°E / 47.4585; 8.7435

Castle kyburg.jpg
Schloss Kyburg
Kyburg (castle) is located in Switzerland
Kyburg (castle)
Location within Switzerland
General information
Classification Swiss heritage site of national significance
Town or city 8314 Kyburg
Country Switzerland
Coordinates 47°27′31″N 8°44′37″E / 47.4585°N 8.7435°E / 47.4585; 8.7435
Construction started before 1027
Completed about 1500

Kyburg Castle (German: Schloss Kyburg) is a castle in the municipality of Kyburg and the canton of Zurich southerly of Winterthur in Switzerland. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.[1]


The castle is situated above the river Töss. It is first mentioned in 1027 under the name of Chuigeburg (Castle of Cows) what points to an original use as a refuge castle. In the early tenth century many spellings of the name Kyburg emerged, (I.E. Kilburg, Kelburg, and also Keylburg). The name changed by the end of 12th century to castle Chiburg, derived from Chiib with the meaning in terms of brawl or fight.[2]

The Counts of Kyburg were the most important noble family in the Swiss plateau beside the Habsburg and the House of Savoy. After the death of the last count in 1264 Rudolph of Habsburg claimed the inheritance for his family. With one interruption the Imperial Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire were kept in the castle between 1273 and 1322.

In the 15th century the city of Zürich bought the county. The castle was court of a high bailiff from Zürich until 1831, after this it was sold by auction. The new owners used the castle for exhibitions and as a museum. In 1917 the Canton of Zurich bought the castle back, since 1999 a society runs it, the Verein Museum Schloss Kyburg.


Every summer the Kyburgiade, an international chamber music festival, takes place in the inner courtyard of the castle.[3]


The castle was featured in Swiss DJ Mike Candys' 2009 hit remix of Insomnia.

Carton model of the castle 
Kyburg 1740 
Panoramic view 
General view 
Coat of Arms 

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