Kyenjojo District

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This article is about the district. For the town, the district headquarters, see Kyenjojo.
Kyenjojo District
District location in Uganda
District location in Uganda
Coordinates: 00°37′N 30°37′E / 0.617°N 30.617°E / 0.617; 30.617Coordinates: 00°37′N 30°37′E / 0.617°N 30.617°E / 0.617; 30.617
Country  Uganda
Region Western Uganda
Sub-region Toro sub-region
Capital Kyenjojo
 • Land 2,350.1 km2 (907.4 sq mi)
Population (2012 Estimate)
 • Total 383,600
 • Density 163.2/km2 (423/sq mi)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Kyenjojo District is a district in Western Uganda. Like most Ugandan districts, it is named after its 'chief town', Kyenjojo, where the district headquarters are located.


Kyenjojo District is bordered by Kibale District to the north, Kyegegwa District to the east, Kamwenge District to the south and Kabarole District to the west.[1] The district headquarters at Kyenjojo are located approximately 274 kilometres (170 mi), by road, west of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city.[2] The coordinates of the district are:00 37N, 30 37E.


Kyenjojo District was created in 2000. It is divided into two counties, Mwenge North and Mwenge South. Kyenjojo means: "the place where elephants live"; it is derived from the Rutooro word "enjojo", (elephant)(s). Like in most Ugandan Bantu languages, "Mwenge" means "banana beer". Mwenge county is famous for its banana beer production.

Kwemara Ngabu William, a lecturer at Makerere University, Uganda's largest, says that Kyaka was originally called Nyakibimba. The capital of then Bunyoro was in Kyaka, at a place called Kitara: hence the name Bunyoro Kitara. However the capital was shifted to Masindi. At one time a crown prince died in Nyakibimba on his way to a cattle raiding mission in Kaarokarungi (present day Ankole). The Queen Mother wailed saying "Zankorente", meaning cattle have brought me the problem. Kaarokarungi has since then been called Nkore. The rest of the Banyoro said Nyakibimba was 'Kyaka' to them. Kwaka means to snatch something from someone. The crown prince had died in Nyakibimba then Nyakibimba had snatched a crown prince from Bunyoro. Since then Nyakibimba came to be known as Kyaka.

Kyenjojo District is part of Toro sub-region, which is coterminus with the Kingdom of Toro, one of the ancient traditional monarchies in Uganda. The districts that make up Toro are: (a) Kabarole District (b) Kamwenge District (c) Kyegegwa District (d) Kyenjojo District.


The 1991 national population census estimated the district population at about 182,000. The next national census in 2002, estimated the population of Kyenjojo District at about 266,250. In 2012, the population in the district was estimated at approximately 383,600.[3]

The table below illustrates the population growth in the district during the first decade of the 21st century. All figures are estimates.

Kyenjojo District Population Trends
Year Est. Pop.
2002 266,250
2003 275,600
2004 285,200
2005 295,200
Year Est. Pop.
2006 305,500
2007 316,200
2008 327,300
2009 338,800
Year Est. Pop.
2010 350,700
2011 363,000

Economic activities[edit]

Agriculture is the main economic activity in the district. The major crops grown include:

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