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Kylie Chan is a bestselling Australian author, best known for The Dark Heavens trilogy, set in modern-day Hong Kong.

The first novel in the trilogy, White Tiger, was published in July 2006, followed by Red Phoenix in January 2007. The last in the trilogy, Blue Dragon was released in August 2007.

Writing history[edit]

Drawing from the years Chan spent living in Hong Kong, and her careful research into Chinese myth and philosophy, the trilogy introduces Emma Donahoe, who takes a job as nanny to the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Unaware at first that he is in reality a Chinese god, she is drawn into a world of martial arts and magic where gods and demons walk the streets.

On her publisher's website Kylie Chan explains how she came to write The Dark Heavens trilogy, saying that after she returned to live in Australia, she read her way through every fantasy title she could find. Basing her writing on the genres she enjoyed - romance, action and the supernatural, and adding her knowledge of, and research into Chinese mythology and Taoist philosophy she created the first in the series, the critically panned White Tiger.[1]

According to the author's website two further trilogies in the same universe are to follow, starting in 2009. The first of these trilogies is the 'Journey to Wudang' trilogy, the third book of which was released in 2011. She is at present engaged in writing her seventh book.

Kylie Chan has a website and forum, where she can sometimes be found interacting with readers and answering questions:[2]



Dark Heavens;

  • White Tiger (2006)
  • Red Phoenix (2007)
  • Blue Dragon (2007)

Journey To Wudang (the sequel trilogy to Dark Heavens);

Celestial Battle (the sequel trilogy to Journey To Wudang);

  • Dark Serpent (01/05/2013)
  • Demon Child (June 2014 or so she has posted on her website)

The other book, according to Chan's website, is said to be called "Black Jade".

As part of their anniversary celebrations in 2010, Voyager have released White Tiger in a hardback edition. All other volumes are only available in paperback.

Short Stories;

  • Small Shen (2012), a prequel to "The Dark Heavens" trilogy, following the character Gold.
  • Gravity Engine (2011), a story about Prince Michael.
  • Black Scales, White Fur (2010), a story about the white tiger falling in love with a snake mother.

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