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Kyrgyz National University named after Jusup Balasagyn

The Kyrgyz National University named after Jusup Balasagyn is a national university of Kyrgyzstan. It is based in Bishkek.

Kyrgyz National University is named after Yusuf Balasaghuni (Kyrgyz language Jusup Balasagyn atyndagy Kyrgyz Uluttuk Universiteti Жусуп Баласагын атындагы Кыргыз Улуттук Университети) - a public higher education institution of the Kyrgyz Republic, the oldest and largest higher education institution of the republic. Located in Bishkek.

The institution was established October 25, 1925 as the Kyrgyz Institute of Education.

Since 1928, it was changed into the central Kyrgyz Pedagogical College.

From 1932 - Kyrgyz Pedagogical Institute. From 1951 - Kyrgyz State University.

From 1972 - Kyrgyz State University (50th anniversary of the Soviet Union).

From 1993 - Kyrgyz State National University.

From 2002 - present name.

During the Soviet Union, the university was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1982).

It currently has departments for 54 specialties.

Approximately 22,000 students (2010), about 1000 teachers (2007).

The current Rector is Prof., Dr. Iskender Isamidinov.

The previous Rector was Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences Aalybek Akunov (2010-2011.)

Some other famous rectors were Academicians Begimaly Jamgyrchinov, Salmoorbek Tabyshaliev, Kaiyp Otorbaev and Usen Asanov.

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