Kyrgyzstan at the 2002 Winter Olympics

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Kyrgyzstan at the Olympic Games

Flag of Kyrgyzstan
IOC code  KGZ
NOC National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan
At the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City
Competitors 2 (2 men and 0 women) in 2 sports
Flag bearer Dmitry Chvykov (ski jumping)
Medals Gold
Olympic history (summary)
Summer Games
Winter Games
Other related appearances
Russian Empire (1900–1912)
Soviet Union (1952–1988)
Unified Team (1992)

Kyrgyzstan competed at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, United States. Biathlete Aleksandr Tropnikov and ski jumper Dmitry Chvykov were the only competitors for the Asian nation at these Olympics.


Event Athlete Misses 1 Time Rank
10 km sprint Aleksandr Tropnikov 2 29:30.2 77
Event Athlete Time Misses Adjusted time 3 Rank
20 km Aleksandr Tropnikov 58:05.3 2 1'00:05.3 73
1 A penalty loop of 150 metres had to be skied per missed target.
3 One minute added per missed target.

Ski jumping pictogram.svg Ski jumping[edit]

Athlete Event Qualifying jump Final jump 1 Final jump 2 Total
Distance Points Rank Distance Points Rank Distance Points Points Rank
Dmitry Chvykov Normal hill 86.5 104.0 27 Q 85.0 101.5 41 Did not advance
Dmitry Chvykov Large hill 107.5 88.5 30 Q 113.0 98.4 39 Did not advance