Kyungyi Island

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For the village in Kachin State, see Kyungyi.
Kyungyi is located in Burma
Location of Kyungyi Island in Burma

Kyungyi Island is an island in the Andaman Sea, right off the coast of Mon State, in the southern area of Burma. This 4.6 km long island is located 4.3 km from the shore. It has four conspicuous peaks covered with dense forest that rise to a maximum height of 163 m.

Kyungyi lies 8 km south of Nat Kyun and is the southernmost of a chain of small coastal islands that lie off the mouth of the Ye River.[1]

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Coordinates: 15°04′30″N 97°44′15″E / 15.07500°N 97.73750°E / 15.07500; 97.73750