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"German state railways" redirects here. For the German State Railway of East Germany, see Deutsche Reichsbahn (East Germany).

The German term Länderbahnen (singular: Länderbahn) generally refers to the state railways of the German Empire in the period from about 1840 to 1920 when they were merged into the Deutsche Reichsbahn after the First World War.

The state railways[edit]

Railways merged into the Deutsche Reichsbahn[edit]

The seven state railways forming the merger were the:

Other state railways[edit]

Other state railways that existed during this period, but which later folded or were absorbed, included the:


Note that the so-called Royal Prussian Railway Administration or KPEV did not exist - see article - although some of the rolling stock carried 'KPEV' emblems and the abbreviation is commonly used in railway circles nowadays.

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