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Levesque or Lévesque is a surname of French origin, and may refer to:

  • Chris Levesque (born 1980), Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Christian Lévesque (born 1970), Canadian politician from Quebec; member of the National Assembly since 2007
  • Corinne Lévesque (1943–2005), wife of René Lévesque
  • Elyse Levesque (born 1985), Canadian film and television actress
  • Georges-Henri Lévesque (1903–2000), Canadian Dominican priest and sociologist
  • Gérard D. Levesque (1926–1993), Canadian politician from Quebec; government minister and MNA 1956–93
  • Hector Levesque (contemporary), Canadian academic and researcher in artificial intelligence
  • James Levesque (contemporary), American punk-rock musician
  • Jean-Louis Lévesque (1911–1994), Canadian entrepreneur, racehorse owner, and philanthropist
  • Joanna Levesque (born 1990), American singer and songwriter whose stagename is "JoJo"
  • Laurent Levesque (born 1970), French film-score composer
  • Laurier Lévesque (1929–2005), Canadian politician from New Brunswick; provincial legislator 1960–74
  • Paul Levesque (born 1969) commonly known as Triple H, American professional wrestler and actor
  • Stephanie McMahon Levesque (born 1976) WWE Chief Brand Officer and wife of Paul "Triple H" Levesque
  • René Lévesque (1922–1987), Canadian politician, founder of the Parti Québécois political party, Premier of Quebec 1976–85
  • Roger Levesque (born 1981), American professional soccer player
  • Valerie Levesque (born 1974), American television news reporter
  • Yves Lévesque (contemporary), Canadian politician; Mayor of Trois-Rivières
  • Yvon Lévesque (born 1940), Canadian politician from Quebec; MP since 2004

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