Löffelstelzen radio transmitter

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Löffelstelzen Transmitter

Löffelstelzen Transmitter is a broadcasting facility of SWR at Bad Mergentheim-Löffelstelzen in northern Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It was inaugurated at the beginning of the 1950s and used at those days a guyed mast, which was insulated against ground, because it was used for medium-wave broadcasting with a butterfly antenna for FM- and TV-transmission on its top. Later this mast was replaced by a concrete tower, which carried an antenna for FM-/TV-broadcasting on its top and a cage and a wire antenna for medium-wave broadcasting at its site. This tower was replaced between 1998 and 2000 by a 179 metre tall concrete tower. This tower is not equipped with an antenna for medium wave broadcasting, because this was ceased in 2000 at the Löffelstelzen transmission site.

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Coordinates: 49°30′30″N 9°47′01″E / 49.50833°N 9.78361°E / 49.50833; 9.78361