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Location Etne (Hordaland)
Coordinates 59°39′45″N 6°8′31″E / 59.66250°N 6.14194°E / 59.66250; 6.14194Coordinates: 59°39′45″N 6°8′31″E / 59.66250°N 6.14194°E / 59.66250; 6.14194
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 4.51 km²
Shore length1 15.79 km
Surface elevation 626 m
References NVE
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Løkjelsvatnet (called Lykilsvatnet in M711) is a regulated lake in the municipality of Etne in Hordaland county, Norway. Water from the lake falls 400 vertical metres in tunnels and pipelines to Hardeland hydroelectric power station. The site is operated by Haugaland Kraft.

The lake has a rich population of brown trout.[1]

The Haugesund section of the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association operates the Løkjelsvatn cabin west of the lake, and mark and maintain footpaths connecting the area to the rest of a nation-wide network of paths.

A group of 11 domesticated reindeer were introduced to the Etnefjellet mountain area in 1990, and the herd has adopted the Løkjelsvatnet area as its habitat. This herd is now viewed and administered as if it were a wild herd.[2]

Løkjelsvatnet in winter


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