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Annulaire is "annular" in French; for usage of that term, see annulus (disambiguation)
Directed by Diane Bertrand
Written by Diane Bertrand
Starring Olga Kurylenko
Music by Beth Gibbons
Distributed by Les Films du Veyrier
Release dates
June 8, 2005
Running time
104 minutes
Country France, Germany, United Kingdom
Language French

L'Annulaire is a French film released on June 8, 2005. It was written (based on a novel by Yoko Ogawa) and directed by Diane Bertrand.[1] The film is referred to as The Ring Finger in Australia.[2]


Iris (Olga Kurylenko) is a young woman working in a bottle washing factory. She loses the tip of her ring finger in an accident at work and leaves her job. She moves to a nearby port city and comes across a job working for a strange laboratory at which people have 'specimens' preserved.



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