L'Hebdo du Vanuatu

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L'Hebdo du Vanuatu
Type Weekly
Founded 2008
Language French
Headquarters Port Vila

L'Hebdo du Vanuatu is a ni-Vanuatu weekly newspaper. Launched on 11 December 2008,[1] it is the first newspaper in Vanuatu published exclusively in the French language.[2][3] French is one of Vanuatu's three official languages, along with Bislama and English.[4]

The newspaper was launched by Gene Wong et Marc Neil Jones of the anglophone Vanuatu Daily Post,[2][3][5] with support from the European Union and the French embassy in Vanuatu.[1] Its intended readership are francophone ni-Vanuatu, both in Vanuatu itself and in neighbouring, French-speaking New Caledonia.[1] It also covers news from both countries.[3]

Each issue is sold for Vt100 or CFP150.[1]


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