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L'Alpina is an Italian fashion company known[by whom?] for its "Australian" brand.

The logo used on its garments is that of a left-facing kangaroo. It was popular in the 1980s among the United Kingdom's football casuals. It can sometimes be mistaken for the lower end brand Kangol which also uses a similar image for its clothing. It is still available in mainland Europe with a flagship store in Amsterdam, and it is about to be re-introduced into the United Kingdom by Microzine, an online retail company based in 2008's European Capital of Culture, Liverpool.

The brand has previously been attempted to be re-introduced into the UK market by a company based in Chester, Tessuti, albeit unsuccessfully.

A range of Australian tennis clothing can be found in London at a company called Wigmore Sports Wigmore Sports is at 39 Wigmore Street, London W1U 1PD.


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