L'empio punito

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L'empio punito is an opera by composer Alessandro Melani. Notably the first opera written on the subject of Don Juan,[1] the work uses an Italian language libretto by Giovanni Filippo Apolloni and Filippo Acciaiuoli. The opera was commissioned by Marie Mancini for performance during Carnival of 1669. The work premiered at the Teatro di Palazzo Colonna in the historic Borgo district of Rome on 17 February 1669.[2]


  • Atamira
  • Ipomene
  • Delfa
  • Niceste
  • Proserpina
  • Bibi
  • Atrace
  • Cloridoro
  • Tidemo
  • Acrimante
  • Corimbo
  • Telefo
  • Demonio
  • Caronte