L'ombre du Z

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Spirou et Fantasio #16
L'ombre du Z
Cover of the Belgian edition
Date 1962
Series Spirou et Fantasio
Publisher Dupuis
Creative team
Writers Franquin
with Greg
Artists Franquin
with Jidéhem
Original publication
Published in Spirou magazine
  1. 1140 - #1183
Date of publication 1960
Language French
ISBN 2-8001-0018-4
Publisher Spirou and Fantasio # 16
Shadow of Z
Preceded by Z comme Zorglub, 1961
Followed by Spirou et les hommes-bulles, 1964

L'ombre du Z, written and drawn by Franquin, is the sixteenth album of the Spirou et Fantasio series, and the second part of Franquin's Zorglub diptych. The story was initially serialised in Spirou magazine, before its release as a hardcover album in 1962.


As The Shadow of Z, begins, Spirou, Fantasio and the Count of Champignac return from Zorgland, to find the population of Champignac have been paralyzed by a "zorglman" they left behind sedated, the abducted policeman Jérôme, who awoke and went on a stunning spree. After the ordeal of pacifying the rogue zorglman and restoring the people of Champignac to normal, time passes until Zorglub's sinister schemes again become evident. Without remorse (despite the conscience-burdened act during the conclusion of Z comme Zorglub) Zorglub continues to work for world domination from Palombia, with increased ambition, and allied with Fantasio's evil nemesis cousin Zantafio.


In no small part, this album joins Franquin's body of work that comments on the advertising industry.

There is a stylistic change can be seen over the course of these two albums. Over the years of the production of this essentially, one very long story, the dynamic, "realistic" style undergoes a metamorphosis towards the flexible, comic style Franquin was to develop over his final period.


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