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LOC, L.O.C., Loc, LoC, or locs may refer to:


  • Localizer, a component of an Instrument Landing System
  • Loss of control, a catastrophic condition in jet aircraft operations that results in the loss of control of the aircraft

Film, television, video[edit]






Science, technology, and medicine[edit]

  • Lab-on-a-chip, a term for devices that integrate multiple laboratory functions on a single chip
  • Launch off Capture, a method of integrated circuit testing using scan chain
  • Level of Concern, used to describe a scale or ranking of potential harmful effects caused by one particular item or practice
  • Level of consciousness, a medical assessment of a patient's degree of consciousness
  • Limit of convection, the altitude where the virtual potential temperatures of a moist rising air parcel and the environment are equal
  • Limiting oxygen concentration, a concept in fire safety engineering
  • Lines of (source) code, a software metric used to measure the amount of code in a software program
  • LOC record, geolocation information resource record in Domain Name System
  • Loss of consciousness, see Level of consciousness
  • Loss-of-coolant accident, a mode of failure for a nuclear reactor
  • LOC, length of cut (as in machining operations, the length of cut the side of an END MILL can cut into a piece of metal)
  • Level of Care, as in acute (hosptial), long-term acute (LTAC), skilled nursing facility (SNF), comprehensive rehabilitation facility (CORF) or in Hospice: In-patient (IPU), continuous, respite, or routine