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Leonard Hugh Newman, (3 February 1909 - 23 January 1993) always known as L. Hugh Newman, was a British entomologist, author and broadcaster. He wrote many popular books on insects, especially butterflies and moths. With Peter Scott and James Fisher, he was a resident member of the team who presented "Nature Parliament" on BBC radio's Children's Hour in the 1950s. He ran a butterfly farm in Kent (which he inherited from his father), supplying among others Sir Winston Churchill, who bought many butterflies for his house at Chartwell. A collection of Newman's entomological photographs is held by the library of the Natural History Museum in London

Bibliography (incomplete)[edit]

  • Talking of butterflies, moths and other fascinating insects (1946)
  • Butterfly haunts (1948)
  • British moths and their haunts (1949)
  • Butterflies on the wing (1949)
  • Moths on the wing (1950)
  • Stand & stare (1950) with W. J. C. Murray
  • Transformations of butterflies and moths (1952)
  • Nature parliament: A book of the broadcasts (1952) with James Fisher and Peter Scott
  • Linger and look (1952)
  • Nature's way : questions and answers on animal behaviour (1952) with W. J. C. Murray
  • How's your pet? (1953)
  • The observer's book of common British insects and spiders (1953)
  • Butterfly farmer (1953)
  • Butterflies of the fields and lanes, hills and heathland (1954)
  • Garden and woodland butterflies (1954)
  • Wander and watch (1954) with W. J. C. Murray
  • Butterflies of day and night : a book of beautiful butterflies and magnificent moths (1954)
  • Instructions to young naturalists (1956) with Maxwell Knight and W. E. Swinton
  • Looking at butterflies (1959)
  • Hawk-moths of Great Britain and Europe (1965)
  • Man and insects (1965)
  • Living with butterflies (1967)
  • Create a butterfly garden (1967), with Moira Savonius
  • Ants from close up (1968), with Stephen Dalton
  • The complete British butterflies in colour (1968)