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l8r, g8r is the third novel in a young adult series by Lauren Myracle written entirely as instant messages; the first two are ttyl and ttfn. This again follows the lives of Maddie, Angela, and Zoe in their senior year at high school.

Plot: This book continues the adventures of the Winsome Threesome; Maddie, Angela, and Zoe. The girls have many troubles, Angela dating a sweet boy Logan, and realizing that she has different feelings about him. Zoe is ready to take her relationship with Doug to the next level, and clinging to him like bubble rap. And Maddie had decided to be a crazy teenager, at least until Ian shows up. Throw in some chain emails by Glendy, a big battle with Jana, and the realization that they might not see each other again.

The animated web series Big Bunny by Amy Winfrey (www.big-bunny.com) is referenced several times in this book.

The title of the book is text-messaging shorthand for "later, gator", as in "see you later, alligator".

The novel was first published in 2007.