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Grizzly Win Mag
LAR Grizzly Patr Portrait001.jpg
L.A.R. Grizzly Mark I in .45 Winchester Magnum with 6.5" barrel
Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Designer Perry Arnett
Manufacturer L.A.R. Manufacturing Inc
Produced 1983-1999
  • 1.36 kg (48 oz) empty
  • 1.5 kg (53 oz) loaded
Length 267 mm (10.25 in) with 6.5 in barrel
Barrel length 5.4 in, 6.5 in, 8 in & 10 in

Action Recoil-operated, closed bolt
Rate of fire Semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity 426 m/s (1,400 ft/s) (.45 Win Mag from 5 inch barrel)
Feed system Detachable box magazine: 7 round
Sights Fixed ramped blade front, fully adjustable rear.

The Grizzly Win Mag pistols were conceived, invented, designed, engineered and developed in the 1980s by the sole inventor, Perry Arnett, who licensed the patented technology (U.S. Patent #4,253,377) to L.A.R. Manufacturing Inc. For a time they were the most powerful production semiautomatic handguns in the world.[1]


The pistols are an upsized version of the Colt M1911 design, and many parts are interchangeable. They were developed to fire the much more powerful .45 Winchester Magnum rounds instead of .45 ACP, with conversion kits available to fire other powerful pistol ammunition, such as 10 mm Auto and .357 Magnum. Later models were available in .44 Magnum and .50 AE (Grizzly Mark V).[2]

Due to the size, weight and recoil of the pistol, the primary market was hunting and silhouette shooting.[1] Production ended in 1999, though spare parts are still available from the manufacturer today in very limited quantity.[2]


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