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Studio album by The Durutti Column
Released November 1981
Genre Post-punk, dream pop
Label Factory
Producer Stew Pickering, Vini Reilly
The Durutti Column chronology
The Return of the Durutti Column
Another Setting

LC is the second studio album by English band The Durutti Column. It was released in November 1981, through record label Factory. The song, The Missing Boy is a tribute to Vini Reilly's friend and label-mate Ian Curtis, who had recently died.

It was reissued in January 2013 on the reactivated Factory Benelux (FBN-10-CD) as a double-CD package.[1]

1981 track listing[edit]

All music written by Vini Reilly.

A1. "Sketch for Dawn (1)"
A2. "Portrait For Frazier"
A3. "Jaqueline"
A4. "Messidor"
A5. "Sketch For Dawn (2)"
B1. "Never Known"
B2. "The Act Committed"
B3. "Detail For Paul"
B4. "The Missing Boy"
B5. "The Sweet Cheat Gone"

2013 track listing[edit]

The 2013 reissue includes the Sordide Sentimental single "Danny"/"Enigma", the Deux Triangles 12" (the original FBN-10) the tracks on A Factory Quartet, Crépuscule compilation album tracks, and demo versions of tracks from LC.[1]

Disc 1

  1. Sketch for Dawn (1)
  2. Portrait for Frazier
  3. Jaqueline
  4. Messidor
  5. Sketch for Dawn (2)
  6. Never Known
  7. The Act Committed
  8. Detail for Paul
  9. The Missing Boy
  10. The Sweet Cheat Gone
  11. Danny
  12. Enigma
  13. For Mimi
  14. For Belgian Friends
  15. Self-Portrait
  16. Favourite Painting
  17. Zinni

Disc 2

  1. Mavuchka
  2. Experiment in Fifth
  3. Portrait for Paul
  4. The Act Committed
  5. Portrait for Frazier
  6. Never Known
  7. Untitled LC Demo
  8. For Patti
  9. Weakness and Fever
  10. The Eye and the Hand
  11. Party
  12. One Christmas for Your Thoughts
  13. Hommage to Martinů
  14. Sleep Will Come
  15. Piece for an Ideal
  16. Piece of Out of Tune Grand Piano

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[2]

AllMusic wrote, "As great as Return is, this is perhaps even better, signaling a full flowering of [Vini] Reilly's talents throughout the album."[2]


The Durutti Column
Additional personnel
  • Stew Pickering – production
  • EG – mastering
  • Les Thompson – sleeve design
  • GYL – sleeve artwork
  • Jackie Williams – sleeve painting
  • John Nichols – sleeve photography


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