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LGX818 structure.svg
Systematic (IUPAC) name
Methyl [(2S)-1-{[4-(3-{5-chloro-2-fluoro-3-[(methylsulfonyl)amino]phenyl}-1-isopropyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)-2-pyrimidinyl]amino}-2-propanyl]carbamate
Clinical data
  • Investigational
ChemSpider 28536139
Chemical data
Formula C22H27ClFN7O4S
540.011 g/mol

Encorafenib, also known as LGX818 is a drug candidate for the treatment of melanoma with the V600E mutation in the B-RAF kinase. The substance is being developed by Novartis, is in phase III clinical trials, and was disclosed at the spring 2013 American Chemical Society meeting in New Orleans.[1][2][3]

Clinical trials[edit]

Several clinical trials of LGX818, either alone or in combinations with the MEK inhibitor MEK162,[4] CDK4 inhibitor LEE011[5] are being run. The initial results are encouraging[6] and were presented at ASCO 2013.[7] As a result of a successful Phase Ib/II trials, Phase III trials are currently being initiated.[8]