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LG Optimus smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona

The LG Optimus series is a series of smartphones and tablet computers manufactured by LG Electronics. Optimus-branded devices have been produced running both the Android and Windows Phone 7 operating systems.


Optimus One[edit]

The LG Optimus One, released in October 2010, is LG's second phone in the Optimus series. Due to network differences between carriers, LG created a sub-series with carrier-specific variants based on the Optimus One. Over two million of the Optimus One and its carrier variants combined have been sold.[citation needed]Additionally, some hardware variants add minor new features:

  • LG Optimus Black, released in May 2011
  • LG Optimus Chat, featuring a smaller screen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • LG Optimus Chic, with different hardware design plus improved digital camera and modem
  • LG Optimus Net, with an improved 800 MHz single-core processor
  • LG Optimus Sol, with an improved 1 GHz single-core processor

Optimus L[edit]

LG Optimus L is an Android sub-series launched in 2012. It consists of the following:

First Series[edit]

Second Series[edit]

Optimus F[edit]

LG Optimus F is an Android sub-series announced on February 21, 2013. It will use the same naming conventions as its predecessor, the Optimus L lineup.[1] It will include the following:

Optimus G[edit]

Main article: LG G series

The Optimus G sub-series was introduced for LG's high-end devices in 2012. In 2013, after releasing two devices carrying the Optimus G branding, future products (such as the LG G2) dropped the Optimus brand entirely as part of a new separate G line.[2][3]

Optimus Vu[edit]

Main article: LG Vu series

The Optimus Vu sub-series was introduced for LG's stylus-enabled devices in 2012. In 2013, with the release of the LG Vu 3, the Vu series spun off from the Optimus series as it dropped the Optimus in its name as part of creating a separate series for its stylus enabled devices competing directly with the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Windows Phone[edit]

LG only released two LG Optimus phones with the Windows Phone operating system, compared to 20 unique Android smartphones. The first of these was the LG Optimus 7, released in November 2010. It was followed by the LG Quantum, alternatively Optimus 7Q or Optimus Quantum, a variant with a physical keyboard.


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