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Laetoli Hominid 4
LH 4 Replica 03.jpg
Catalog number LH 4
Common name Laetoli Hominid 4
Species Australopithecus afarensis
Age 2.9–3.9 million years
Place discovered Laetoli, Tanzania
Date discovered 1974
Discovered by Mary Leakey

LH 4 or Laetoli Hominid 4[1] is the catalogue number of a fossilized mandible which was discovered by Mary Leakey in 1974 from Laetoli, Tanzania.[2]


The specimen is 2.9–3.9 million years old and is mandible of an adult Australopithecus afarensis with all molars present and a fairly large canine.[3] Most anterior teeth and rami are missing. But, the dental arcade is in a good condition with little or no evidence of distortion.[2]


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