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London Network Access Point
Abbreviation LONAP
Founded 1997
Location London, United Kingdom
Website www.lonap.net
Members 94 as of June 2010[1]
Peak 29.5 Gbits/s as of July 2010[2]

London Network Access Point (LONAP, once styled LoNAP – and London Access Point) is a London-based Internet exchange point (IXP) founded in 1997 as a membership organisation and currently has almost 100 members,[1] making it the 2nd largest IXP in the UK and around the 15th largest IXP in the world by membership. (Although current traffic levels make it around the 30th largest by bandwidth – see list of Internet exchange points by size.) LONAP currently operates an Extreme Networks and Cisco-based infrastructure with 10 Gbit/s links between five sites, specifically:[3]

LONAP hosts an instance of the F Root nameserver.[4]

As a membership owned organisation, the exchange is owned by the networks which participate on it, who meet at an Annual General Meeting to vote for the Board of Directors, approve the budget and discuss the activity plan for the year. The rules of the exchange make it impossible to connect and peer at the exchange without becoming a member of the company, but membership is open to any organisation worldwide who wishes to peer.

Membership of the organisation is £2,000 per annum, and this offers two 1 Gbit/s connections to the exchange at no further charge. 10 Gbit/s Ethernet ports are charged at £2,500 per annum.


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