LaFlora, the Princess Academy

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LaFlora, the Princess Academy
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Publication information
Publisher Thailand E.Q.Plus
Format Ongoing series
Genre see below
Number of issues 55
Main character(s) Tiwa Putpitya
Yang Meihua
Fujiwara Yuri
Rosary Gray
Nasissa Lafebwer

LaFlora, the Princess academy (Thai: ลา ฟลอร่า โรงเรียนป่วนก๊วนเจ้าหญิง) are a Thai Comics series. The comics have nine sets of this. e.g. "LaFlora", "LaFlora: the best of my country", "LaFlora Board game", "LaFlora: Honey Rally", "LaFlora: Club Festa", "LaFlora Animation", "LaFlora Novel" and "Comictionary LaFlora: Rosary Please".


Tiwa, Thai descent girl, have gone to study at LaFlora Academy in Mediterranean Sea due to she wants to find her mother that missing.[1] At the academy, she meets many friends.[2]


LaFlora Academy[edit]

Thailand Tiwa Putpitya
Thai descent girl, is call "monkey" by many of her friends. She wants to find her mother that missing with cat named Nil.[3] She talls 142 cm and O blood group.[4]
China Yang Meihua
Chinese descent girl, good at Kung fu[5] is very closed Tiwa's friend. She talls 145 cm and B blood group.[6]
Japan Fujiwara Yuri
Japanese descent clumsy girl, her father is Yakuza.[7] She is 144 cm tall and O blood group.[6]
United Kingdom Rosary Gray
English descent girl, good at science.[8] She is 155 cm tall and AB blood group.[6]
France Nasissa Lafebwer
French descent proud girl, doesn't like and rival to Tiwa. Whenever she listens to stories, she get sleepy. She is 152 cm tall and A blood group.[6][9]